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Our 3000 sq. foot studio has all the space & equipment you will need to make your fitness journey both effective and fun! We ensure a comfortable, non-threatening workout environment that has become a second home to many people just like you. We supply fresh bottled water, shower/change facilities, towel service and a warm, friendly family from the owners to every trainer.

Qualified Fitness Professionals


People make the place and our place is made up of some awesome People! Having come from educational backgrounds including Degrees and Diplomas in Kineseology, Physical Education and Personal Fitness Training, our Trainers also have combined professional certifications in CSEP, CANFITPRO, AFLCA and more.

Jesse Lipscombe

Jesse Lipscombe is co-owner of Wevive Fitness inc in Edmonton. He is the founder and president of FlowPower Fitness as well as co-owner of Mosaic Entertainment. Lipscombe is a former professional athlete ranked #6 in the world as a high jumper for team Canada.

Stacey Hogbin

Stacey Hogbin is co-owner of Wevive Fitness Inc in Edmonton, Master Trainer for Leibert Fitness, co-owner of Flowpower, as well as a PTS Pro-Trainer for Can-Fit-Pro. Stacey is passionate about health and fitness, and brings her love and passion into everything she does. She is dedicated to motivating and educating others through personal training, bootcamps and certifying other professionals in the industry.

Lee Hodgins

Lee Hodgins is co-owner of Wevive Fitness Inc in Edmonton. He is our strategic planner and oversees the forecasting of the company. His passion is to create a healthy city through professional tutelage.

Lorelei Maher

I come from a different background than your typical Personal Trainer. I grew up in a sedentary family enjoying a dessert after every dinner. I relate to my clients on a lifestyle-changing basis. I believe in balance, moderation and ENJOYING the things we do on a regular basis. I grew up as a part of the local Deaf community, my first language is ASL. I’ve performed as a gymnast, cheerleader and dancer for a combined total of 9 years. I graduated from NAIT with a diploma and became certified as a Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. I moved to Calgary to work with people with spinal cord injuries, and have been back in Edmonton building myself as a personal trainer for the last year. My passion lies in understanding how the body works together mechanically, nutritionally, mentally, and physiologically so that I can help my clients redefine their “normal”.

Cassarah McLarty - Mueller

Having played many sports throughout my childhood helping others find their love for fitness was a natural progression. My sport background included hockey, rugby, soccer, volleyball and anything outside. I received the South Side Athletic Club scholarship at the end of high school for my dedication to rugby and academic achievements. My love for fitness and sport is evident in my everyday life; just ask my family and friends, I’m always on the go. I have completed my undergrad in Kinesiology at the U of A and also love to travel and explore. My goal is to pass on my enthusiasm and love for sport and fitness to my clients and help them achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.

Justin Frederick

Justin grew up playing soccer and has 14 seasons of division 1 & 2 play under his belt. He began strength training during university and quickly became passionate about health and fitness. That passion led him to pursue a means to share that passion with others. His training style focuses on turning your weaknesses into strengths and ensuring your whole body functions how it is designed to. Justin is currently a player for the Edmonton Stallions Football Club.

Tracy Blattler

Farm life was all I knew in terms of fitness growing up in rural Alberta. When I moved to the city for school I wasn't involved in any form of regular physical activity. No one had ever taught me how to work out so i just didnt. My life hit a bit of a rough spot after my first year and after a year of not really exercising my body and being burnt out emotionally I knew I needed a change. I had no idea how to exercise so I just started running. The impact that this had on my emotional state was so powerful that I wanted more. I wanted to be strong. At this point it became my mission to learn how to exercise, how my body worked and why exercising made me feel so much better than not exercising. Now I am fit and strong with 3 boys to keep active as well but I still understand the struggle to get here. I want to use my knowledge and experience to help others reach their version of fit and strong.

Christina Lorrance

I was born into the world of fitness so to speak. From the age of 3 I was enrolled with Sonia Draper of Draper Academy of Dance which took me far. There I lived, breathed and pushed dance. Whether it was performing in a 3 minute dance or a 3 act ballet..the act of using my body and soul to create art, express and completely give myself to the movement and to an audience provided me with the most incredible feeling. By 18 I made the decision to further my education and attended University of Victoria where I attained a degree in ( Dietetics) BSC in Nutrition, Food and Health. I've been trained in boxing as well as Prenatal Yoga and will always be continuously learning. It's my belief that nutrition comes first by healing the body from the inside out then followed by proper fitness. Initially I had joined Wevive as a client in search of Jesse who I was certain could push me and break down those limits and Jesse did just that. In that time I grew a respect for everyone at Wevive Fitness and admire each trainer. Everyone brings something new to the table and all learn and work as a team and I am excited to be apart of it!

For over 10 years, WEVIVE Fitness has been helping people of all shapes and sizes reach the peak of their fitness potential.
We consider ourselves a family and we want you to be part of us!

Our Vision

Transforming Lives & Communities Everywhere

Our Value-Driven Goals

– To be easily accessible. Anywhere.
– To provide quality wellness & fitness tools, instruction, coaching & guidance.
– To offer an effortless online experience to every customer & visitor.
– To give back to the communities we live in and touch.

Lee Hodgins

Partner / WEVIVE

“Our mission is to be the source of people’s fitness inspiration through a simple, seamless & elegant wellness experience.”