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Personal training is one of the most effective ways to reach your health & fitness goals. Through your experience of Wevive personal training, you are receiving more than just a little push; you will be educated and transformed into the person you commit to becoming.

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Personal Training

If you want to make a change in your life, one on one is the way to go. With our new business model, we have a way to make your budget and schedule work for you! Working with a personal trainer, you can expect to have someone in your corner at all times. Personal training isn’t just about a gruelling workout, it’s about the friend who’s going to hold your hand though it and prove to you that you can make it. Our team is so diverse, there isn’t a need that can’t be met! From fitness management to special populations, injury prevention to sports performance; we promise to set you up with the trainer that will best fit you to keep you on a long term road of success!

Fitness Management

Many go to the gym thinking they need to lose a few pounds. Lately the world has moved away from the numbers on the scale, towards a healthier lifestyle and better functional performance. That’s what we’ve always been about! Our team has the knowledge and experience to get you the body you’ve always wanted but even better than that, we help you love yourself and appreciate what the body you’re in can do. We work with you on your fitness and lifestyle goals, and the rest will come!

Special Populations

The human body was designed to move. Age, pain, pregnancy and chronic conditions can be barriers that make movement and exercise difficult to incorporate. Our trainers are compassionate and welcoming, making our gym much less intimidating than most expect walking in. We understand that your ability to move is closely linked to your quality of life; so when you come, we want to enhance your life and give you something to look forward to!

Injury Prevention

Too many people in society are living with daily pain. More and more evidence is showing that not only is this pain preventable, even the oldest injuries can be revamped. We aren’t promising you a quick fix, our trainers observe your body mechanics and find imbalances. We work with the tight and under active muscles, to retrain your body to work together the way it is designed to. Goodbye low back and knee pain, goodbye surgeries; hello happy, working body!

Sports Performance

Every professional has a niche. Our trainers work with the coach to design programs around on and off seasons and to improve movement patterns within your sport, keeping your athletes at optimal performance!

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What To Expect

Your Wevive Personal Training Fitness journey will involve the following steps:

Free Personal Fitness/Lifestyle Consultation:

Before you even purchase personal training, you will spend an hour with one of our experienced fitness consultants, where you will be given a thorough fitness & lifestyle questionnaire along with an overall interview to discuss your personal fitness values, expectations and goals. Our objective here is to understand your individual fitness needs, so that we can offer you the best personal training options to fit you to a tee!

Personal Body Analysis:

After you have chosen your best personal training option, the next step is to take you through a rigorous physical assessment that includes a personal body analysis, using the latest Body Metrics® ultrasound technology. This Body Analysis will then be provided to you in a printed report for your personal safekeeping and ongoing review against your fitness progress.

Physical Fitness Test:

In addition to your personal body analysis we will conduct a complete physical assessment including testing of your strength, speed, agility, cardiovascular range, flexibility & range of motion. This assessment will also review any specific physical limitations, injuries and/or chronic conditions that will need to be taken into consideration as part of your personal training program.

Personal Trainer Assignment:

After we have gained a detailed understanding of your personal fitness situation, we will then proceed to matching you with one of our qualified Fitness Trainers. Our matching process is a careful and deliberate process of pairing you with the most effective skills, tools and personality to match your unique fitness profile.

Your Fitness Program:

Once you and your trainer are matched up, the real fun begins! Using all the information gathered from your assessments and in consultation with you, your trainer will craft a personal training program to get you where you want to be. Most initial fitness programs are 6-8 weeks in length and will then give way to further program progression, based on your individual progress.

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